BMW 760i

After the great success of the two world record vehicles G-POWER M5 HURRICANE RS and G-POWER M6 HURRICANE CS that were with your 750 horsepower 5.0L V10 bi-compressor engine only as a complete car on the G-POWER manufacturing company to refer to the are so-called “G-POWER Super Cars” in the future an integral part of the G-POWER program. The G-POWER manufacture is a rapidly growing division of G-POWER, in which all custom-made complete vehicles, the so-called “G-POWER Super Cars”, are established as an integral part of the G-POWER program to complete by hand.

Philosophy is only in small batches by the G-POWER factory produced vehicles in addition to the 100% customer orientation with respect to the features and the strict limitation of the G-POWER Supercars, the complete revision of the current base engine with the stated goal that each of the strongest and fastest BMW model of the world on its wheels.

Latest work and a striking example of the exceptional performance of the G-POWER manufactory is the G-POWER STORM 760i, which has a longstanding gap in the BMW program includes: M-feeling for the BMW “Luxury Liner”. Continue reading “BMW 760i”